You’re a survivor of the zombie apocalypse.  The very survival of humanity is on you.  You have to get out there and face the walking dead before returning to sanctuary.

On the night you will be herded into a shipping container and given your mission briefing that you have to accomplish.  No information or course map is given prior.

The first waves will be off at 18:00, and these are suggested for those families with little kids or people with weak bladders.  We have discovered that zombies get more and more fierce and frightening as the night goes on.

As our first waves are over an hour after sunset, all survivors will be required to wear a headlamp.  If you have your own then bring it.  If you don’t then we will have Zombie Dash headlamps available for just $2 when you register.

Kids as young as eight are welcome to take part in Zombie Dash, but we do ask that youngsters aged 8 – 15 take on the undead with a parent or guardian.  Said parent or guardian is also responsible for their terror threshold – if your kid winds up in therapy after surviving Zombie Dash that’s on you!

You’ll cover around 5km of road and fields on the night, and you don’t have to run the whole way if you aren’t some sort of elite athlete.  In fact, there may be some areas where slowing up and sneaking past the walking dead is a much smarter move than trying to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.



Zombie Dash Rules

  • You must have your headlamp on at all times.
  • Do not touch the zombies.  Apart from the fact the zombie virus is contagious they have been trained not to touch you.
  • If you find yourself crapping your pants from fear when a zombie lunges at you, simply raise both hands in the air and they will find someone else to lurch after.
  • No solo runners.  It’s dark, there’s zombies, there’s ferals, there’s hazards.  Always run with friends or make some in Sanctuary before you head out.
  • Help fellow survivors out if they need assistance.  The only way you’ll survive the zombie apocalypse is to work together.
  • Military personnel and first-responders will be out on course to keep you safe from feral humans and road warriors.  They can help you.


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