The gang that took part as zombies at the the first two Zombie Dash had so much fun, and we’ve already had so many people ask about joining them that we are now opening up auditions for those that want to be one of the undead.

We do charge a small fee for you to be part of our zombie horde, just enough to cover makeup costs and the hire of the room and other incidentals.  Based on how much our first two zombie hordes enjoyed themselves out there scaring the crap out of the ‘Survivors’,  you’ll definitely get awesome value for money out of your zombie fee.

Be warned though, as a zombie you are part of the event and you’ll be required to be out on course and in character for the duration of the night.  There’s no slacking off or just going ‘RAH!’ at the Survivors, and you’ll not only be made up by some of the best SFX makeup artists in the country but you’ll also be put through our own ‘Zombie Academy’ where you will learn how to lurch and growl as if you were an extra on The Walking Dead.

Just fill in your name and age and gender, and we’ll be in touch with you.  We may ask you to shoot us a short clip of yourself in lurch-mode, and if you prove yourself to be a worthy zombie we’d love to have you along.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Let us know if you have any acting experience, what kind of zombie you'd like to be, and what you could bring to the event to dress up and be that zombie.


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