1. How much is it?
    A. Between $45 and $60 for adults depending on when you enlist.  Full price list is on the ENTER page.
  2. What do I get?
    A. A race bib, wristband and a finisher’s dog tag if you make it to the end without getting eaten.  If you don’t have a headlamp already we can sort you out with a Zombie Dash one for just $2 when you check in.
  3. How do I get my pack?
    A. You can pick up your Survival Pack on the evening at the registration tent in what we call ‘Sanctuary’.  Just bring a print out of your registration confirmation or your email on your smartypantsphone and show it to our rego team.
  4. Can it be mailed out?
    A. No.  Zombies eat mailmans!
  5. Is there an age limit?
    A. There’s no upper limit, but we can only have kids as young as 8 running.  Runners aged 8 – 15 must be accompanied by a parent all the way around the course.
  6. What happens if the event is called off?
    A.  We will only postpone the event in case of severe conditions and run it later in the year.  All registrations will be automatically transferred across, but if you cannot make it on the second night then we can look at giving you coin back.
  7. What if I cannot make it or change my mind?
    A. As with virtually all mass participation events we cannot issue refunds. It takes a fair bit of work to set up the course and feed all those walking dead.  Just make sure you are super keen to try and survive the zombie apocalypse before signing up.
  8. Can I transfer my entry to another person?
    A. Yes, but only if you ask Mr Zombie really, really nicely.  You’ll need to shoot us an email from the address that was originally used to register, with the full details of the person who is taking over the entry (name, address, phone, email, date of birth, emergency contact, etc)
  9. Can I join my friends in a wave that’s sold out?
    A. Unfortunately not.  If we start squeezing people into sold out waves then before you know it we have hundreds and hundreds of people causing bottlenecks and overwhelming our poor zombies!  They can transfer into a wave that’s not sold out though as we will be releasing more as the ones we have already up for sale fill up.
  10. Are there group or team registrations?
    A. Yes, for teams of 6 or more who can get a 10% discount if they are all signing up in the one transaction.
  11. What’s the latest I can register?
    A. Online entries will close at 4pm on the Thursday before the event (17th May 2018).  On-the-night entries will be available for cash only and with a hideously expensive surcharge.
  12. What if I don’t have a computer to register online?
    A. But you are reading this, aren’t you?  Obviously you have a computer or have a friend who lives in the modern age.  Chances are one of you might even have a credit card.


Arriving at the Event Compound

  1. Where is it?
    A. Mount Penang Parklands at Kariong on the NSW Central Coast, just like it says on the Location page.
  2. Is there public transport to the event?
    A. Busways have their Route 33 service which goes right along Kangoo Road and has a stop just out front of the event entry, so yes!
  3. What time does it open?
    A. Gates open at roughly 5:00pm precisely.
  4. Do spectators have to pay?
    A. Nah.  As they’ll really only get to see runners when they take off and when they return we thought it would be somewhat impolite to charge them to hang around!
  5. What happens if it rains?
    A. If it’s a light drizzle, we will still go ahead – it’s the zombie apocalpyse after all, not a nice happy fun run with neon lights and coloured powder!  If it’s a torrential downpour with thunder and lightning and cyclonic winds like something out of a Hollywood disaster blockbuster, however,  then we might have to postpone it before our zombies totally dissolve and decay in the wet.
  6. Do I have to pay for parking?
    A. As we will be asking our BFF’s at the Rural Fire Service to come and tell you where to go in the parking lot, we do insist that you hit them with a Gold Coin donation as you come on in.
  7. Is there a cloak room or bag drop?
    A. There will be a bag drop table at rego tent, but as it’s only a hundred or so metres from where you parked your car it’s not a full-on cloak room.  If it’s likely to be drizzling on the night then we will probably a bunch of garbage bags to cover your Hello Kitty sports bag.  There is no hidden fee for dropping off your bag.
  8. Are there shower facilities?
    A. No.  You will not be crawling through mud, you will not be sprayed with coloured dyes, and as it’s night chances are you will only be slightly sweaty and smelly.  Suck it up!
  9. Will there be food and drinks?
    A. Yes, we plan on having a range of vendors along to get your energy levels replenished if you survive.
  10. Will there be alcohol?
    A. This is a family event, so no.  There’s a pub nearby though if you simply must have a beer to celebrate your survival.
  11. Will there be Zombie Dash merchandise for sale?
    A. Watch this space
  12. Will there be entertainment?
    A. There will be music, food stalls, and zombies lurching around to keep your family and friends entertained whilst you’re out running.


Running the Zombie Dash

  1. How safe is it?
    A. Your safety is our number one priority, and we will be doing our utmost to ensure that you do not injure yourself.  However, bear in mind that this is a night-time run on uneven ground with zombies lurching after you, and therefore it does come with a certain inherent risk.  That being said, there is no climbing or crawling, and our zombies may lurch after you but they will not be tackling you or sprinting at you to steal velcro bands off your belt.
  2. Is Zombie Dash timed?
    A. No, because if you finish too quick then you won’t get to appreciate the thrill of being in your very own episode of The Walking Dead.
  3. What are the wave starts?
    A. To reduce bottlenecks at the start of the course, we will be letting off smaller waves of 25 survivors every five minutes.  You will be given a wristband to ensure you are heading into the start chute in the wave you have signed up for though, so don’t even think about sneaking into an earlier wave!  The brains behind ZOMBIE DASH is a notorious wave-jumper, and knows what to look out for. Bwahaha!
  4. How fit do I need to be?
    A. Fit enough to at least jog and/or walk around a 5km course across various terrain, and maybe breaking into a bit of a sprint if you hear a creature creeping up behind…
  5. What should I wear?
    A. Whatever you feel comforable running in.  Active wear, footy gear, a super-hero costume etc
  6. Can I dress up as a zombie if I’m running?
    A. Well, you can, but why would you?  If you’re running, the whole point is to evade the zombies.  Why would a zombie run away from another zombie?  Why would a zombie chase another zombie?  You’re a survivor of the zombie apocalypse, not a victim – so if you want to be made up to resemble the undead then head across to our Zombie page and think about auditioning to volunteer on the night.
  7. Can I be a runner AND a zombie?
    A. No, you need to decide whether you want to volunteer to be a zombie on the night, or enjoy the fun of pretending you are a survivor in the zombie apocalypse.  Our actors who successfully audition to be zombies need to be focused and professional all night, so doing both is not something we want them doing.
  8. Are there obstacles?
    A. No, this is not an obstacle race.   ZOMBIE DASH is designed to appeal to the masses of folk who like the idea of a novelty fun run or scenario challenge with the walking dead, or living out the fantasy of being a survivor after the undead have taken over.
  9. Do I need to swim?
    A. Being able to swim is a vitally useful skill to have, but you won’t need to at ZOMBIE DASH.  Our course does not go through any of the ponds or lakes at Mount Penang Parklands, so if you find your shoes filling up with water then you have taken a majorly wrong turn!
  10. Is there a course map?
    A. What?  And spoil the surprise for you?  Perish the thought!
  11. Are all the waves in the dark?
    A. Yup!  Mr Sun goes to bed at 5:03pm and our first waves will take off an hour after than.  By then the course will only be lit by the moon, your headlamp and the radioactive waste from the biological experiments gone wrong.  Did we say radioactive waste?  We meant the streetlights around the course…
  12. Is the course wheelchair-friendly?
    A. Sadly not.  There are fields and paddocks to content with, but even worse stairs and a bit of gnarly bushland.  That being said, no reason why we cannot have a zombie or two in wheelchairs!
  13. Will the zombies actually touch me?
    A. No. We have used a strict regimen of positive reinforcement to train our zombies to be able to scare the crap out of you without actually coming into contact with you.  Sit, zombie, sit.  Good zombie!
  14. What happens if I have a serious panic attack?
    A. If you are getting truly phobic out on course, simply raise your hands to let the zombies know you aren’t worth eating.  They will leave you alone and a course marshal will arrange to have you transported back to the event compound.
  15. What if I get hurt?
    A. Marshals and medics will be placed around the course to assist you should you need any medical assistance.
  16. Can I take out the zombies?
    A. Can you fight off an assault charge?  No seriously, ZOMBIE DASH is a fun-focused, non-contact event where runners will be strictly charged to dodge and evade the walking dead, but never to cause our beloved zombies any harm.
  17. Can I bring a guard/attack dog?
    A. Now you are just being silly!  If you do have a vicious German Shepherd, Rottweiler or poodle/chihuahua cross at home that would be capable of taking down a zombie, please leave him at home.  Our zombies are only just held together by bones, they cannot spare any for your puppy.
  18. Can I come armed?
    A. And we thought the dog question was silly!  Okay, we will be blunt: NO WEAPONS!  One more time for emphasis?  NO WEAPONS!  Sheesh!
  19. Is there drinking water out on the course?
    A. Yes, at least one of the checkpoints will have water to rehydrate with if you need it.  That moon can get pretty hot, after all!
  20. Can I bring a camera or phone for selfies?
    A. You can and it is highly recommended for safety reasons to take a smart phone out with you, but we will not be held responsible for loss, breakage or a zombie photobombing you. No selfie-sticks though!
  21. Will there be photographers?
    A. Indeed there will!  We will have a photographer going snap, snap, snap at our finish line selfie wall and we will upload them onto our Facebook page so you can download them for freebies!
  22. What do I get to remember the night I survived the Zombie Dash?
    A. You mean apart from great memories?  Well, if you are really lame you can laminate and hang up your number bib and hang it up on your Wall Of Mediocrity, but you’d probably rather look at your shiny Survivor Dog Tag that you’ll get if and when you cross the finish line.



  1. Who is putting on this event?
    A. ZOMBIE DASH is the brainchild of the folks who are also bringing you the hugely successful Lighthouse 2 Skillion Coast Walk.  More details can be found on our About Us page.
  2. Is this event for charity?
    A. ZOMBIE DASH is not a non-profit or charity event like our Lighthouse 2 Skillion Coast Walk sister event is, but we are proud to support RYSS as our official charity partner.
  3. I want to be a vendor at the Event Compound!
    A. And we would love to have you along.  Contact us with details and an expression of interest.
  4. I want to sponsor Zombie Dash and help bring about the zombie apocalypse!
    A. And we would love to have you sponsor this new event – either by way of in-kind services or products for our runners and zombies and volunteers.  Again, contact us and we will see if we can get you on our Sponsors page.
  5. How can I help spread the word about Zombie Dash?
    A. Word of mouth and social media buzz is the easiest way for you to help ZOMBIE DASH get up and running.  We’ll also have posters and flyers and downloadable printouts so if you can help by getting them up and out there then we definitely want to hear from you.  Contact us today!
  6. I’m coming from out of town to play with the zombies.  Where can I stay?
    A. Our friends at Central Coast Tourism can help you out with links to all manner of Central Coast accommodation options, from camping to five-star resorts.




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