About Us

13244889_1637251913266827_4795173038122705809_n[1]James ‘Dog’ Musgrave is the driving force behind the hugely successful Lighthouse 2 Skillion Coast Walk which started in 2016 and returned in 2017.  Using years of marketing and event management skills gained in the radio industry, and having watched the obstacle racing craze very closely through his former news and information directory website Obstacle Racers that he founded, ‘Dog’ has the skills and expertise to bring this concept to fruition.  He has participated in numerous mass participation events of all types around the country and internationally, including several zombie-themed obstacle events such as Running Scared, Run For Your Lives, and the annual Run For Your Freak’n Life near Auckland in New Zealand.

Joanne Musgrave is a very successful businesswoman who has turned her online health and wellness store Shop Naturally from a home-based business into a warehouse in Tuggerah Business Park with several staff.  Due to health issues she cannot participate in fun runs and the like, but her non-involvement is an asset as she can look at the big picture very objectively and analytically.

Zombie Dash is part of Sparrowdog Events Pty Ltd (ABN: 83 612 390 913)

Sparrowdog Events Pty Ltd - ABN: 83 612 390 913